Science 8

Surrey is the fastest growing city in British Columbia for good reason. The "City of Parks" has over 5400 acres of green space, 15 golf courses, tranquil beaches and other opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

In addtion to its natural beauty, Surrey is undergoing a cosmopolitan facelift. The new Central City building is a place where visitors can enjoy shopping at one of over 100 stores of enjoy a relaxing moment at the Central City Brewing Company. For people that enjoy global cuisine, Surrey has restaurants that offer everything from hamburgers to curry.  Moviegoers that have to watch a movie the day it is released can pay a visit to Strawberry Hill Centre or Guildford Town Centre.

Even if you're in hurry, take the time to kick back and visit Surrey!


We congratulate the 2010 Winter Olympics Committee for securing the 2010 Games to be held in Vancouver, BC!